Bakery Franchise Stars Once Again in Sugar Sweet Fundraiser


Bakers Delight is currently selling delicious Pink Finger Buns in order to raise $1 million for the Breast Cancer Network Australia. This means that 100% of the sales will be donated to the organisation.

To achieve this goal the franchise units have joined forces with breast cancer survivors and local communities. This is the tenth year Bakers Delight is raising money for the organisation. The proceeds will be used to fund BCNA’s work in providing assistance and support to women whose lives are being heavily affected by the disease.

BCNA will be using the raised funds to continue distributing My Journey Kits to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The My Journey Kit is a comprehensive information package which is available free of charge anywhere in the country. It has already been used by over 45,000 women.

All of the food franchise’s 630 shops in Australia are participating in the campaign. Over the last 10 years the Bakers Delight Pink Bun campaign has become the most significant fundraising effort on the BCNA calendar, explained Lyn Swinburne AM, breast cancer survivor and CEO of BCNA.

“We are incredibly humbled and happy to be celebrating 10 years of unwavering support from Bakers Delight”, she added. “The fundraising campaign is an extraordinary collaboration between bakeries and their 15,000 staff across Australia, breast cancer survivors and communities – it is inspiring for our women to see and experience such widespread and heartfelt support.”

“Our business is built around real quality and real people, and it is our absolute delight to be able to demonstrate these shared values with BCNA and its members via the Pink Bun campaign,” Roger Gillespie, co-founder and joint CEO of Bakers Delight bakery franchise group said.

Since 2000, the franchise has raised over $3.7 million for BCNA, directly supporting thousands of Australian women and their families through their breast cancer journey. In addition to the buns, the shops have been decorated in pink, with employees wearing pink outfits and collection tins on the counters for customers on a diet.