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Interview with Jackie Farrow

Information manager for The Guardian newspaper and the WWF
Franchisee for:
Creation Station
Children, education, work from home
Godalming, Surrey
When bought:
I’m Jackie Farrow and I’m a franchise owner in Godalming, Surrey for The Creation Station, which creates arts and crafts
classes for children and ‘arty parties’ as well.
I used to work in information; I worked for The Guardian newspaper for quite a long time as a researcher and then I ran their research intranet. Then I moved to WWF, the environmental charity as the information manager there. I managed a small team before so that experience helped.
My previous roles were public facing. I was working with people all the time, which is another important part of what I do now - learning to get on with people. When you’re working at a newspaper, you’re constantly under pressure to meet deadlines and you have to think on your feet so that’s another good skill to have as a franchisee.

My previous roles were public facing, which is an important part of what i do now

Jackie Farrow

I wondered whether I should be looking at a franchise or going back to my old job and back into the workplace. My children were very small at the time – only three and one – whether I could realistically devote time and energy to my old job, so that was another thing that helped me make up my mind.
The nice thing about running the franchise is that when the kids are home for school on holidays they can come with me to work and I don’t have to put them into childcare. 

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