Sports Franchise Brings Street Stadia to Ireland


Live4Soccer Ireland has won exclusive rights to operate StreetStadia™.

StreetStadia™, which transforms an open space into a dynamic sports and activity arena in a matter of minutes, is about constructing a safe and fun environment around the vibrant, energetic, team-centric spirit at the heart of football and other group activities.

StreetStadia™ is the first product of its kind to be manufactured in the UK and is already providing communities across the country with their own mobile sports and activities venue, where people can play, learn, coach, educate and build friendships.  All this can be done in areas where sporting facilities are not normally available.

It is especially successful at safely challenging inappropriate and anti-social behavior through structured projects.  Such projects have been successfully run by the Fire Service, Police Force, local councils and charities in England for some time.  Now it is time for the Irish to get a look!

Padraig King of Live4soccer (Ireland) said: “This partnership with StreetStadia™ represents a significant investment on our part but we believe this is a product that will benefit communities throughout Ireland.  This is an exciting time for Live4soccer (Ireland) and obtaining the license to sell StreetStadia™  shows our commitment to supporting Irish sport.”

The first StreetStadia™ courts should arrive in Ireland later this summer and Live4soccer (Ireland) have a comprehensive plan to spread the word!