Why should I become a Franchisee?


"Why should I become a franchisee?"

That’s the first question that anyone moving from an unrelated job, or even time at home as a parent, will ask themselves when they hear about franchising.

But potential franchisees looking for a reason to make the leap into franchising should look at a What’s on 4 franchise as that question’s answer. 

Reason 1: The business has already been set up: What’s on 4 is a hybrid of an online activity listings business run through specially constructed websites and an events business allowing website advertisers to showcase their wares.

The What’s on 4 portfolio includes websites dedicated to adults and to children – catering to customers at whatever time of their life. The sites easily show classes, groups, activities and events in the searcher’s local area that they can join. It’s a franchise business that is easy to set-up so franchisees can quickly jump on board.

Reason 2: The business is already successful: The What’s on 4 websites are multi-award winning - providing comprehensive, local listings of activities for all ages and generating 1.5 million visitors a year. They are also wide-reaching - providing details of classes and activities for children under five, for children aged five to 12 years and details of local and national children’s party products and services.

With hundreds of customers in multiple regions advertising with them, What’s on 4 is a ready-made franchise opportunity that’s already attracting thousands of revenue-making advertisers.

Reason 3: It provides multiple revenue opportunities: Franchising doesn’t have to limit franchisees in their work, like other jobs do. The BabyExpo Baby Shows form part of the What’s on 4 franchise opportunity. These events have also won many awards as they enable hundreds of regional advertisers to showcase their products and services to the public, at a nationally established Event.

Franchisees are given all the skills and materials to run their own affordable baby shows organised to the highest standards, drawing countless visitors.

Why be a franchisee?

  • The franchise is already set up
  • It is a proven success
  • Offering multiple ways to make money
  • It's big but still local
  • it's fun!

Reason 4: It allows franchisees to work with big-name clients, locally: This franchise helps franchisees bring information and inspiration about activities, services and products to the franchisee’s local area utilising tried and tested formats. Yet the brand’s website portfolio is supported by International Brands such as Hilton Hotels, with more than 1.5 million annual UK visitors alone.

Reason 5: It’s a fun business that helps build confidence and skills: While events management work can start gradually and build at the event itself, the website management side of this franchise can be managed weekly, allowing franchisees to dedicate responsibility at different times. This is a rewarding career offering many benefits while also being great fun. Experience from many different backgrounds can be beneficial, and being out of the workplace for a while before joining the franchise is not a problem.

Franchising helps to develop confidence, and teaches organisation, people skills and flexibility. What’s on 4 will assist franchisees with their strategy and planning skillset and they can learn business marketing and financial management. With a greater sense of self-confidence, resilience and commercial belief, franchisees make for happy business owners.


For a limited period, What’s On 4 is offering new franchisees the chance to spread the investment cost of their franchise over six months (with 50% of the deposit paid up front and 50% payable across a six-month period) an offer exclusive to FranchiseSales.com users .

To take advantage of this offer please contact FranchiseSales.com by click this link and insert the phrase # FSOffers in the body of your message.

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