10 things you should know about the Quiznos franchise

FranchiseSales.com reveals 10 things you should know about the pioneer of the toasted sub.

In the last part of a trio of articles on Quiznos, FranchiseSales.com reveals 10 things you should know about the pioneer of the toasted sub.

Any prospective franchisee should know that buying a franchise allows you to become your own boss with a much lower risk of failure than starting your own business from scratch – so long as you choose your franchise carefully.

And as the information below shows, Quiznos is proving a shrewd choice for dozens of prospering franchisees across the UK.

1.  It wasn’t always called Quiznos

The original Quiznos shop opened in 1978 in Denver, Colorado and initially traded under the name Sandwich World. The chain adopted the name Quiznos in 1981 and the very same year began its franchise journey, rapidly spreading across the US.

Franchising in Canada began in the late 80s and early 90s. In 2002, Quiznos Canada purchased the rights to begin trading in the United Kingdom.

2.  The market is booming

The US restaurant sector is “a thriving half-trillion-dollar industry that has seen 15 consecutive years of solid growth,” according to Quiznos. And the “typical consumer now visits a sandwich franchise an average of 2.5 times a week.”

With more than 2,000 outlets worldwide already, the company plans to expand its UK presence and expand into 40 additional markets.

3.  Set-up costs are reasonable

Royalties – As a franchisee you pay advertising fees (4%) and royalties (7%) on gross sales minus tax.

Capital requirements – This will depend on a variety of factors, including rent, location, size of your outlet and equipment.

Quiznos suggests an initial investment of £50,000 is “enough for most store projects, as [they] have high street lenders in place that can finance up to 70% of the total cost.”

Start-up costs – Typically, the total start-up costs for a Quiznos franchise range from £152,000 to £188,000 depending on store size.

This price is inclusive of a franchise fee (£12,500 plus VAT) and the costs of design, construction, estate agents and solicitor’s fees, signage, point-of-sale systems and an opening advertising campaign.

4.  They will help you develop

Quiznos takes pride in the quality of service and support that they provide for franchisees, aiming to “be there every step of the way”.

Quiznos will:

• Help you find a location

•  Provide access to approved lenders

• Provide architects to design your restaurant and contractors to build it

• Deliver everything you need to get your store off the ground (materials, equipment, signage etc).

5.  It’s a turnkey operation

Quiznos runs a turnkey operation: they have a qualified team of experts to help you all the way from your first franchise enquiry to your first day in business and beyond.

After the franchisee has signed the lease, the architect will draw up plans for the site within 24 hours of the survey. On average the process will take four to six weeks.

The team of architects, contractors and shop fitters will get your store built on time and to the highest standards. They will also deal with all planning permissions and building regulations.

And when the store is ready they will give you the key so you can start trading.

6.  Training and support is ongoing

Training starts with a programme called ‘Training in a Box’, which provides step-by-step information about building your business.

This is followed by three weeks of in-store operations training and a four-day managerial course.

There are also support systems in place for franchisees once their doors are open, with a designated franchise manager on hand at all times to give advice and assistance.

7.  Location is everything

Location is everything in the fast-food sector. Quiznos has more than 2,000 franchises around the world in a variety of high-footfall locations: in shopping centres, railway stations, universities, stadiums, airports and amusement parks, among others.

Quiznos help the franchisee decide on a territory and select a site to maximise profits.

8.  Local marketing is essential

Effective marketing is of course essential for raising awareness, building brand loyalty and boosting sales.

To this end Quiznos provides a Local Store Marketing Tool Kit and recommends that new franchisees organise a ‘grand opening’.

9.  The products are always evolving

Quiznos offers soups, salads and pizzas alongside its famous toasted subs and are continually developing innovative products.

10.  They need team players who understand their service ethos

 George Jeffrey, COO of Quiznos, says: “What we need are franchise owners who come to us with that understanding of what service is all about – marrying great quality and a great product with great service.”

Jack Rai, master franchisee for the UK, says: “We look for qualities such as the ability to work within a team and to not to be scared of hard work. You need to be committed because initially there will be long hours.”

To find out more about what it takes to be a great Quiznos franchisee, take a look at our Day in the life of a Quiznos franchisee article. 

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