A Happier Lifestyle for Working Mother Thanks to Internet Franchise


Danielle, part time employee at a bank, wanted to increase her income in order to improve her lifestyle. However, being mother of a two year old daughter, she didn’t want to spend more hours at the office. Luckily, Activ Web Design offered her the perfect solution.  

“I wanted to earn more money as I was only working at the bank for 2 days a week but I didn't want to increase my hours there. I have a 2 year old daughter and didn’t want to have to send her to day care for me to work, so I wanted something I could do from home which is how I came across the Activ Web Design license opportunity.”

Danielle soon discovered that a job involving the internet could solve her problems. When she read more about the Activ franchise opportunity, she was immediately convinced and decided to apply. The internet franchise was impressed by the working mother’s enthusiasm, and offered her a license.

Owning a web design franchise means that Danielle is now earning more money while working at home, near her child. It is a very flexible job, as she can decide when and how much she wants to work:  “It’s a great opportunity to have my own business whilst being a stay at home mum. The Activ Web Design opportunity is going great, I am thoroughly enjoying it. It fits in very well with my lifestyle and my business is getting busier every day. I choose my own hours and work whenever I can around my responsibilities.  At the moment I'm probably putting in around 10 hours a week so this level of choice is great for me and my family.”

Activ has been supporting Danielle all the way; from initial training programmes to marketing and technical support. “The guys from the support team are very friendly. They deal with all my questions extremely quickly and are more than willing to take the time to explain things thoroughly”, the franchisee said.

The new lifestyle also means that Danielle can have more time to herself. Working flexible hours means that she can easily fit in social commitments without having to worry about time and money: “I love the fact that I decide when to work as I don't think I could be without socialising with my friends and going shopping – I may be a working mother with two jobs but it’s important to have a bit of 'me' time”.