A Sure Thing in an Uncertain Climate - The Auditel Franchise

laurence knott auditel 2

Auditel, the cost and purchase management experts, say it’s a better value proposition for aspiring business owners than ever.

The home business opportunity has just posted back-to-back record months for franchisee recruitment in January and February.

Laurence Knott, marketing head at Auditel, explains the popularity of the franchise:

"Our business model really stands out from the crowd as one which truly beats the recession.

“We’re meeting people from many different walks of life who want to take control of their careers and work for themselves, but not by themselves.

“They want the freedom that comes with being their own boss.

“They also want a business that works in times of economic uncertainty as well as in the good times.

“Each new franchisee joining the Auditel network this year, has recognised the excellent opportunity that exists with us.

“Many have signed their first clients already.”

Wiltshire-based Nick Beaumont-Jones, ex- senior manager for shopping centres, actually joined at 11am on the first working day of the New Year.

He says:

“After reviewing a number of opportunities and seeking advice from experts in the industry, I was convinced that Auditel had the best combination of sound business model, company ethos, support and industry reputation.

“I have nothing but admiration for the competence and attitude of the management and the existing franchisees I have met.

“Everyone works hard to make this business a success. I am proud to be part of a rare positive story in these difficult times.

“I recommend anyone, who is not frightened of hard work and delivering an excellent product to take a serious look at Auditel before any other franchise.”

Laurence Knott adds:

“Each and every one of our franchisees are fully trained to become a 'trusted cost management advisor' to their clients.

More and more FDs are asking for our help in their struggle to maintain profitability and they are finding that businesses are really receptive to our true 'no-win-no-fee' solution.”