Coffee Franchise and Brewery Create New Beverage


Franchise business opportunity Zarraffa’s Coffee and the Burleigh Brewing Company (BBC) have created a brand new beer together.

Bringing Australia’s two favourite beverages together, the companies have produced a fine lager with a delicate coffee aroma: Black Giraffe.

The delicacy will be sold in screen printed collectible bottles, but as only 600 cartons were produced, fans will have to move fast to get hold on some. The beer is the BBC’s second release from the Bit On The Side range.  In order to create this unique new flavour blend, Brennan Fielding, the BBC’s Brewmaster, combined his extensive brewing expertise with Kenton Campbell’s impressive knowledge of coffee. “You couldn’t find two guys more into flavour,” Campbell, Zarraffa’s CEO, commented.

Because Campbell is as passionate about coffee as Fielding is about his beer, the two were a match made in heaven. When the brewery came up with the idea, Fielding soon came to the conclusion that this award winning coffee franchise would be the perfect supplier to provide the essential ingredient for the coffee-flavoured lager.

Campbell truly enjoyed being part of the project: “It’s really been a fun collaboration taking our brewing and coffee know-how and packing it into a beer.” But most of all, he is pleased with the result: “A very smooth tasting beer with a nice hint of coffee, which is not overpowering and leaves a very pleasant aftertaste.”

In order to get the perfect, high-quality aroma, Zarraffa provided six hundred kilos of the finest Mexican Rainforest Alliance coffee beans. The project started in early June, when the whole team started grinding the beans. “With only a one hour window in the brewing process during which the coffee could be added to the brew, it really was an action packed day and I think we were all a little buzzed from the experienced – literally”, Campbell joked.

“It’s partnerships like this and new product development that keeps us interested in innovating our coffee blends and delivering superior flavour, whatever the end use,” he added. The Black Giraffe will be available in selected shops and restaurants from next week.