Coffee Vending Franchise expands across the country


Espresso Vend Australia is offering several new franchise business opportunities across the nation. The chain recently took on two new master franchisees in Victoria and New South Wales.

The plan is to appoint at least another 3 master franchisees within the next six months. Each of these will then be in charge of at least 36 franchisees in their region. The vending franchise opportunity, which provides offices with coffee vending machines, has even further expansion plans for 2011.

Adrian Sclanders, director of Espresso Vend, explained why his company is so successful. Australian employees want premium quality coffee at work. This usually means a significant loss of productivity,  when people leave the office to visit their favourite coffee shop. 

"Espresso Vend Australia helps businesses to regain that lost productivity but also offers their employees a better coffee experience at a lower price than they will find elsewhere. There is no cost for a business to install one of our machines in their workplace, which means there is no risk to them. Because we have lower overheads than traditional coffee shops we can offer their staff low prices of up to $2.50 per cup."

The coffee franchise which has been supplying premium AA-grade coffee since the 1980s, was founded in South Australia.