Considering a Business Franchise? A Guide to B2B Sectors


Sign franchises tap into a huge, stable demand B2B franchises, which sell goods and services to other businesses rather than consumers, account for a significant proportion of franchise opportunities.

This might come as a surprise, as franchising perhaps brings McDonald’s, Cash Generator or other B2C franchises to mind more readily.

But B2B franchises are as profuse as B2C opportunities, and just as popular among aspiring franchisees. There are also numerous sectors which fall under the business franchise heading, including:


With the internet so integral to modern marketing, it’s scarcely surprising that advertising franchises are often web-based, which means low overheads and flexible working hours. Marketing experience is often required, as is the case, for instance, with nxo, a strategic marketing network.


It goes without saying that you can’t be an accountant with the requisite training. Buy an accountancy or bookkeeping franchise and you can concentrate on your profession with the reliable backing of a respected brand and a national marketing campaign.

Business brokers

The estate agents of the businesses-for-sale world for those who weren’t aware – and many aren’t – business brokers help business sellers find buyers for their business and oversee negotiations. Experience as a broker, or in similar fields, such as running businesses, banking, consulting, law and tax advice, is usually a prerequisite.


Few businesses conduct all of their training in-house, so the market here is huge. A strong general background in business is usually important, though specific experience in training and coaching isn’t, with full training provided.


There’s a huge market for consultancy, reflected in the numerous opportunities available in the sector. Even in recession, when companies are looking to cut costs, demand holds up for a service which helps companies streamline and improve the efficiency of their operation.


Specific prior experience is rarely required to run a courier franchise. From packaging and mail box services to domestic and international delivery, a courier/postal business will offer a wide range of important services.


Lucrative and, to a significant degree, recession-proof, the insurance industry appeals to many would-be franchisees with a strong background in banking, finance or sales. The UK insurance sector is the largest in Europe and the third largest globally.


It’s no great revelation to point out that computers are integral to modern life, for individuals and businesses alike. Whether selling PCs, repairing computers or providing IT training, it’s an enormous market.

Copy, print and design

Few businesses have the facilities and expertise to print brochures or magazines or to design flyers in house. Brands such as Prontaprint or Kall Kwik have prominent high street positions, although they also attract plenty of custom through word of mouth, as well as enjoying considerable repeat business.


Every business going, home-based enterprises apart, needs signage. The first thing a customer will see is your signage and logo, so getting the font, design and colours right is fundamental in forming that vital first impression.

Buying into a franchise, which offers marketing heft and expertise in the field, puts you in a great position to tap into an industry with high and stable demand.

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