EPA Program to Help Ductz Franchise Owners


A program under development by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could benefit owners of Ductz franchises, according to the company's president.

The EPA is developing the Indoor Air Package, which, when launched nationally next year, will give homes a ‘seal of approval' if certain building techniques are used to protect against indoor air pollutants.

"We see the Indoor Air Package as a beneficial public-private partnership that among other things will educate and motivate consumers to have their HVAC system inspected and cleaned on a more regular basis," says John Rotche, president of DUCTZ International LLC.

"This is good for homeowners, for business owners serving this growing market need, and for our franchise owners across the country."

The program has emerged from an initiative aimed at making homes healthier and safer.

A professional air duct cleaning company Ductz was the perfect choice to sponsor the Healthy Home Initiative, which recently had its first summit in Maryland, Baltimore.

"The healthy-home initiative has been growing for some time, but now the government is bringing together environmentalists, health advocates and builders to promote the construction and maintenance of healthier homes free of lead, chemicals, mold and moisture," says Rotche.

"The Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health. As a result of this meeting in Baltimore improving indoor air quality is reaching more people at higher levels of our government."

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