Ex Consultant Joins Plumbing Franchise


Christine Armstrong left the corporate banking sector to find a recession-proof business with YourPlumber.

Christine still has an active interest in Forex trading and also the Prince’s Trust and is very excited working with the plumbing franchise to grow a substantial multi van business.

Dan Morris of YourPlumber says: “Christine is an excellent addition to our franchise network and the opportunity to grow a business with her is very exciting for us. Her enthusiasm, ambition and aggression with which she wants to grow the business are fantastic.

“Chris has a passion and desire to succeed and I have absolutely no doubt we will achieve her short and long term goals.”
FS Blog: What attracted you to YourPlumber?

Christine Armstrong: My initial attraction was through my interest in being an electrician. Once I’d met with the YourPlumber team, I realised the huge potential in plumbing and it’s almost recession proof nature.

I was very impressed with the experience of the franchisor, the support they offered and their business model.

FS Blog: Tell me about the process…

Chris: The whole process was very easy and without any pressure. I was provided with all the information I requested and lots more than I’d asked for. I was given full details of all existing franchisees and I took the time to speak to each of them.

Everyone was very open about the business and extremely helpful. I never felt at any stage under pressure to invest or that they wanted to sign me up for the fees.

Throughout the process I was given the opportunity to spend time with existing franchisees and everyone I spoke to offered further support and help. I soon came to realise that this was a business that I had to be in.

FS Blog: What sealed the deal?

Chris: I chose to join this franchise for many reasons, in fact, I couldn’t find any reasons why I shouldn’t join.

The key things for me were the transparency of information, the full support package, the professionalism, the interest in making sure they take on the right people for the right reasons rather than signing people up just for the fees.

Also, the interest the franchisor has shown to helping achieve whatever goals I have. I feel that with the support on offer both technical and moral support I can, hopefully, quickly turn this into a substantial local business that I can manage and grow and show that this is a viable opportunity for women as well as men.

FS Blog: Tell me your goals and targets for the business…

Chris: My target is to build a business which I can both manage and work in. In the short term I am targeting two or three vans on the road in my first year and to expand from there.

My longer term goal is to have a business that generates income for me without my having to work in it every day. I can never envisage a time when I would want to sell the business as there will always be new opportunities and challenges to keep me occupied. This is a really exciting opportunity.