Ex-RAF Electrician Joins Home Repair Franchise


After a car accident electrician Andy Evans was forced to leave the RAF and he decided to use his expertise to start an electrical franchise.

Having specialised in electrical engineering in the air force, Andy began working for the UK’s largest electrical installation and home repair franchise, Mr. Electric.

Since purchasing the franchise in 2002, the business has witnessed rapid growth, due to the number of large commercial contracts and commitment to customer service.

He owns the Newcastle-based Mr Electric franchise and talks to FranchiseSales on his journey from RAF ground electrician to franchisee.

FS Blog: How did it feel having to leave the RAF after your car accident?

Andy Evans: After spending 18 months recovering at home, I became increasingly frustrated. I have always enjoyed working hard and quickly became impatient and bored with daytime television, so I started to look around for alternative employment opportunities.

FS Blog: Why did you decide to become a franchisee?

Andy: I enjoyed using my electrical skills in the RAF and when I heard about the sale of a Mr. Electric franchise in Newcastle, it seemed like an ideal opportunity to use my determination and skills to great effect.

FS Blog: Tell me how it been working for the Mr. Electric franchise network?

Owning a Mr. Electric franchise has been a lot of hard work but tremendously rewarding. The vast growth of the company has been a direct result of our dedicated and excellent workforce, particularly by Gary Wood, the franchise manager.

Clive Houlston, managing director of Mr. Electric UK comments: “We are delighted to see that Andy is progressing well and are pleased to see the determination of the whole team has been rewarded. We are sure the company will continue to grow, becoming a well recognised brand around the area.

“In the future we would like to continue expanding our portfolio of clients, with both local and national accounts becoming the leading electrical contractor in the Newcastle area and the first port of call for homeowners and businesses.”