Food Delivery Franchise Pioneers Pay-as-You-Go Model


Snack-in-the-Box has developed a creative solution for aspiring franchisees who are short of funds.

“We have looked at a number of ways to reduce our franchise startup costs without cutting back on the crucial support that each new franchisee needs,” says sales director at the food delivery franchise Matt O’Neil.

Snack-in-the-Box is a leader in the industry after pioneering apay-as-you-go franchise package. The business is able to create a franchise package that suits the aspirations, earnings potential and pocket book of each individual franchise owner.

“Subject to qualification, we are now able to arrange deferred payments for high calibre candidates who need a little extra financial help at the outset. However, the circumstances must be right for both Snack-in-the-Box and the new franchisee.

“Prospective franchisees must have the right financial profile, a positive attitude, and ability to succeed. If we feel they will make a success of their business, then we will help them. We wouldn't do that if we didn't believe in them, or in our business.”

The self-serve box franchise is typically a full-time business opportunity for the majority of our franchise owners. However, SITB has a growing number of “Working Mums” who want to run their own business while maintaining family commitments.

This business may also suit two people who want to work part-time. Through sharing the operation of the franchise, typically dedicating two or three days a week each to the business, many owners have been able to attain their goal of a work-life balance.

The compact vending franchise is also available as a part-time business opportunity with fewer machines. Snack-in-the-Box is also well suited to mature franchise owners who only want to work two or three days a week to top up their pensions. However, the Compact Vending Franchise also suits the serious business minded individual who wants a full-time business as “man & Van” or even a multi-van business.