Franchising the Answer for Brummie Banking Brothers


Brothers Phil and Scott Harrison had spent their entire careers in IT at a major UK bank, so the thought of redundancy after a major restructuring, at the bank, was a daunting affair.

Both had joined the bank after leaving education, as in those days banking offered the promise of a lifelong, secure employment.

As the redundancy time approached they started to think about what they would like in their next job, both wanted to work in less bureaucratic roles, with more freedom and flexibility. They both had young families so achieving a sensible work/life balance was important too.

Finding that role was proving difficult until one day Scott had a conversation over his garden fence with his neighbour, a franchising manager for a major UK fast food business, and he discovered the potential of franchising!

A week later both brothers where at the BFA franchising exhibition at the NEC, "It was amazing to see the scale of franchising within the UK, I'd never realised it was so big" said Scott. Over lunch they discussed the various franchise options and drew up a short list. It had to be a business where they could start small and grow at their own rate.

It had to be more about people and less about admin and systems, and they both wanted to be able get out and meet their customers. The afternoon was more fruitful, having discussed a number of possibilities they put Lawnscience at the top of their list.

"I liked the concept right from the start, it seemed to be the perfect fit with what we were looking for. We could start small and grow at our own pace and we didn't need to go to the office every morning" said Phil.

"We met with Terry at Lawnscience and then with one of his competitors, we thought  it was important to be able to compare the options. Lawnscience was the obvious choice though, Terry was very motivated and it was clear that he really understood the business. I suppose the major factor in deciding on lawnscience was the clearly defined strategy for marketing the business." says Scott.

A few weeks later the brothers were on route to Milton Keynes for an intensive three week training camp. " The training was very thorough and covered all aspects of the business in great detail, the three weeks flew by" says Phil.

Both brothers are now up and running and successfully building their lawn care businesses in the midlands and what advice would they have for potential franchisee's " Make sure you will enjoy the day to day work, take your time choosing your franchisor and then trust him, he has been in your position before. Ensure you are aware of your financial commitments at the outset don’t leave yourself short, and get a good accountant". says Scott and Phil.