Great Start for Kitchen Franchise Owners


Mike & Elaine Hurley sold £250,000 worth of kitchen facelifts in three months as Dream Doors franchisees.

This feat was made even more noteworthy because prior to the opening of their Abingdon, Oxfordshire branch at the end of March, the couple had no hands-on experience selling kitchen facelifts. They were able to translate what lmited experience they had selling kitchen facelifts from home and turn it into one record-setting run.

In just their first week of trading from the showroom, they managed to take £32,000 in orders. They followed it up with £63,000 the month after. In May, they sold £55,000 and in June sales figures jumped to £94,000. Now, compare that with the already respectable £60,000 they made in six months while working from home and the figures become more impressive.

Asked about the feat, Mike said: “We’ve smashed our first year target! I was always confident this franchise would work, but what has happened since we opened our showroom, and particularly in the last few weeks, has astounded us!"

He adds: "We're so far ahead in our business plan that we're already interviewing for more staff. I need time to service all the leads we are getting, as the advertising we have placed is definitely working! We're getting so many enquiries, and the sales side of the business is what I love most.

“My wife Elaine looks after the showroom and administration side of the business, so what we need now is an Installation Manager to project manage all of the kitchen fits a quarter-of-a-million pounds brings!"
Dream Doors founder and Managing Director, Troy Tappenden was understandably pleased with the development and said: “Mike and Elaine stand out as exceptional performers. To sell a quarter-of-a-million pounds of kitchen facelifts in just three months is astounding.

“And remember, this was their first three months in a showroom. They joined us less than a year ago, and before that they’d never been in the kitchen industry, nor had they run their own business. It just goes to show what can be done – even with no related experience – if you work hard and follow the model. I’m very proud of what they’ve achieved.”