Home-Based Franchise Achieves Record Month


Some of Auditel's New Franchisees Home-based franchise and cost-management consultancy franchise Auditel has reported a record month for franchisee recruitment.

The cost and purchase management specialists hired more franchisees in January than in any other month since the company was founded in 1997.

Laurence Knott, Auditel’s head of marketing, said:

“We opened our doors for business after the break at 9am on 5 January, and by 11am we had our first signing!

“Since then there has been a steady flow of new franchisees joining us.

“Among the first intake were professional men and women from retail, energy, marketing, recruitment, engineering, IT and healthcare.”

Nottingham-based Phillip Godwin, ex- governance manager of a large energy company, joined with his wife Pam.

“I had wanted to do something different for some time and had looked at a number of franchise opportunities before coming across Auditel,” he says.

“What made them stand out for us was first all the people: professional and dedicated.

“Next, the business model: adaptable to the lifestyle that we wanted to achieve and also the commitment to personal development.

“Finally, the support and expertise of the network: a company I would want to do business with.”

Pam, Phillip’s wife, says:

“There are various reasons why I chose Auditel, but mainly I wanted the opportunity to work with my husband in a business partnership in which we could both contribute and use our different and complementary skills.

“Auditel and its support team were professional from our first contact with them.

“They were fully supportive and able to answer all the questions that we posed in the decision-making process.”

Wokingham-based chartered accountant Kien Lac joined the audit franchise from the healthcare industry:

“As an ex-finance director I felt the Auditel business model offered a compelling proposition to the client, having a direct benefit to their balance sheet.”

Auditel’s managing director, Chris Allison, says:

“Most businesses are realising that they simply do not have the in-house experience to deal with their overheads in an ever-changing and complex marketplace.

“And at a time of falling sales revenue organisations are taking a fresh look at their expenditures and are turning to outsourced providers of cost management.

“I am pleased to report, therefore, that our franchisee recruitment is breaking all records, and the demand for our services is flourishing.”