Home-Based Franchise Provides Full-Time Income


Blazes home maintenance franchise allows you to work part-time, but enjoy a full-time income.

Trevor Hatch and his wife Cheryl bought the home based franchise and were pleasantly surprised to make six sales from eight leads in his first month alone. The couple have also enjoyed a 75% lead-to-sale conversion ratio – and all from working part-time!

For 10 years, the couple have been running a candle manufacturing and retail business in Ribble Valley, Lancashire. However, due to the seasonal nature of the business, they decided to look for an additional revenue stream to supplement their existing income.

FS Blog: Tell us how you came across the franchise…

Trevor Hatch: In the build up to the holidays we’re flat-out distributing fragranced candles throughout the UK, and our shop is full of customers. But after New Year things quieten down and there’s a drop in business activity.

We looked to the franchising sector for inspiration, and researched a number of British Franchise Association members to see what was out there. When I came across Blazes, its home-based central heating franchise opportunity caught my attention.

FS Blog: What did you like about the franchise?

Trevor: Its simplicity. You’re selling central heating systems, but you don’t need any experience in the heating sector. It’s also extremely flexible, the returns are good, and you don’t need to get your hands dirty.

FS Blog: Tell us about your targets and working hours…

Trevor: Blazes gave us a target of zero sales in the first month. When you think about that, it’s incredible what we’ve achieved, and we did it working just part-time.

I only need to go on two appointments a week and spend no more than half-an-hour with each customer to reach targets that adequately supplement the candle business income.

FS Blog: How has the Blazes franchise helped you?

Trevor: The training and support from the moment we started has been top-notch. We were looking for the perfect bolt-on business, and we found it.