IT Franchise Slashes Start-Up Package


Aspiring IT entrepreneurs are being offered a huge discount to get into their favourite industry.

Hamish Robertson, the man behind Robertson Technologies, is – for a limited period only – reducing the initial cost of his IT franchise by £10k, from £25k to £15k.

The offer will only be open to the first five successful applicants, after which the cost of entry will revert to £25k for the remaining 75 franchises Hamish plans to establish across the UK.


Robertson Technologies has built a £300k-turnover business and 50-client portfolio in a few years. Hamish has built the business by seeking to pre-empt and prevent clients’ IT issues by working with them on site, rather than simply reacting to them as they arise.

“Most of our competitors want to service clients remotely and only provide on-site support in an emergency,” he explains. “We work in reverse and go to clients’ offices every month to service their IT systems and proactively deal with any problems that staff have.

“If they need us at any other time we are only a phone call away, but by keeping their systems well-serviced we reduce the number of issues they tend to face.”

Hamish is initially planning to establish franchises in Aberdeen and Newcastle, then concentrate on populous conurbations of the north and midlands in England, specifically around Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

“The people I am looking for don’t need strong IT skills, they need to have a desire to grow a successful business and in turn they will employ staff with the correct IT expertise to manage customers effectively.

“Our franchise offer is a great opportunity for ambitious people to make a proven model in this growing market work for them and already we have had a lot of interest from potential candidates.”

“This special offer was in recognition that lending criteria are still tight across the UK and I want to make sure that the right people don’t miss out on the opportunity to enter into partnership with one of the country’s most innovative technology companies.”