Jan-Pro Franchise Looks to Extend its Reach into Canada

cleaning 2

The Jan-Pro franchise, which operates as a commercial cleaning franchise, has recently opened a principle Service Center in the City of Toronto to provide an increased level of support to the Jan-Pro franchisees in Canada.

The types of services that the center will provide for the franchisees will include things like; training, technical support and business development coaching.

A successful franchisee from the Ontario Center region, Colin Bates, will be the one to run the Center as Vice President, Master Franchisee Development of Jan-Pro Canada.

Jean Roberge, the president of Jan-Pro Canada said "We are enthusiastic at the idea of offering a new opportunity in the world of franchising in Canada. I am convinced that Colin Bates, principal franchise owner in Toronto since 2004, will be able to take advantage of his experience. He will be an excellent coach for our new franchise owners."

The US based company is looking to branch out and extend its brand across Canada and particularly wants to focus on the cities of Edmonton, Winnipeg, Windsor, Hamilton-Kitchener and Halifax.

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