Kitchen Franchise Imitates the A-Team


Granite Transformations develop their franchise network by creating their own version of the A-team, known as the FAST team.

The kitchen franchise firm’s specially-assembled franchise advisory and support team are contactable through the company’s national headquarters in Kent. As they are specialists in sales, operations and technical matters, the team is certainly in a position to help Granite Transformations franchise owners and newly-recruited franchisees with specialist support and advice.

Granite Transformations chief operating officer, Danny Hanlon says, “We created the FAST team with personnel who are experts in their respective fields and it has really given us an edge in the battle for franchise recruitment, as well as helping to develop our existing showroom network. These guys are available at virtually a moment’s notice, either to talk over the phone or visit out in the field.

“Now that we have added made-to-measure kitchen doors to the brand offering, we’ve also recruited Steve Cooper to the team, to provide extra technical training and oversee the first installations in customers’ homes.”

Since the FAST team members are all of an age to recall the original 80’s TV series fondly, and with the new A-Team movie out this summer, they decided to hire an authentic replica of the original GMC G-series van, complete with spotlights, roof spoiler and Mr T’s signature on the driver’s door, then recreate some scenes from the show. They even replicated a moody publicity still from the latest movie, albeit with power tools and merchandising kit in place of machine guns!

For the shoot, sales director Tom Anderson grabbed the role of smooth-talking Face, while operations manager, Darren Boorman, opted to be Hannibal, but without the characteristic cigar. Technical experts Luke Tuttlebee and newcomer Steve Cooper were somewhat less convincing as Mr T and ‘Howlin Mad’ Murdock, although both came suitably equipped with purposeful jig-saws and power sanders. Portraying the only girl in the gang, Triple A, was franchise recruitment advisor Katy Daws, who provides back-up from HQ.

Despite the fun angle there is a serious side to the Granite Transformations FAST team. Tom trains incoming franchisees with his eight step sales process and assists established franchise owners on everything from pricing policy, to recruitment and training of sales personnel.

Meanwhile Darren is on call to run half-day business planning sessions with showroom management, including advice on balance sheets, marketing spend and internal systems, as well as providing regular benchmarking analysis.

For new franchisees, techies Luke and Steve will fit out the showroom and train up kitchen fitters, while they regularly update existing franchise staff on current best practice and product introductions like the replacement doors.

“The FAST team concept has proved a real asset in helping franchise owners to develop their businesses and new recruits to get up to speed on technical, operations and commercial matters. The guys are all good communicators and able to share their expertise with others, so the system is working really well,” says Hanlon. “I love it when a plan comes together!”