Kitchen Franchise Launches New Service


Kitchen Tune-Up has announced a new service for its customers - a scaled down version of the signature "Tune-Up" reconditioning service, named Kitchen Detailing.

The leading kitchen franchise's new service offers a cheaper alternative for those customers who looking for quick updates or for those customers who do not require the full damage restoration package.

The launch comes just in time for the forthcoming season of events that will include college graduations, weddings and other family gatherings.

David Haglund, president and founder of the Kitchen Tune-Up franchise system says: “This service is perfect for the kitchen that isn’t very old or has no real damage to the cabinets but needs to be spruced up for company. It still has the big ‘wow’ factor as an end result, but takes less than half a day and only costs around $500.

“We include a spot contamination removal, wood polishing and new hardware for updating the overall look with every service,” he adds. "The kitchen is also fine-tuned by adjusting hinges and drawer slides and installing new door bumper pads. All of this is included in the package price."

This service is also targeted at homeowners who wish to upgrade their current homes but don't want to spend a fortune. “This is an affordable way to get great results. We made our new Detailing service realistic for anyone’s budget” Haglund concludes.