New Online Home for Home Care Franchise


October 2010 sees the launch of a brand new website for Caremark Limited offering  a modernised  image and easier accessibility to their on-line company profile.

The new Caremark website will provide a greater depth of information to all parties who have an interest in Care and Support at home, whether it be from a potential customer taking their first look into home care or from an individual considering a future career within a care franchise.

A clear layout will enable easy navigation into the different sections, affording a broader view of the overall services of the company.  A new section on recruitment will enable potential candidates to research current vacancies within Caremark, together with detailed information around their job of interest. Future careers could start here and guiding individuals to find the correct information with ease and clarity is key. 

Chris Wandel, UK Franchise Recruitment Manager of Caremark reports: ‘It gives me great pleasure to announce that we have invested significantly in a highly professional and sophisticated new website which has a focus on enhancing our Care Franchise Owners business on the ground.’

Having a more user-friendly website will encourage people to visit the site and undoubtedly provide answers to questions they may have concerning care and support for their friends or family. 

“The new website has been designed to focus on our customers. We want to be able to make it easy for anyone interested in receiving support services to find information and advice. We will have an enhanced recruitment section which will make the entire enquiry process easy for everyone, and help our network to recruit care workers at a faster pace, creating more jobs for local communities” commented Rosie Williams, PR & Marketing Executive of Caremark  Ltd. 

As a leading provider of home care, Caremark have enjoyed rapid growth in the Domiciliary Care Sector, thanks to their proven success in meeting the diverse needs of their different customer groups.

“I am genuinely excited about the development of the website.  It is so important that a company in our line of business  communicates effectively and honestly .  By providing an easy entry to our services we ensure that there is clear direction to what we offer as well as facilitating individuals find their optimum career opportunities.  This new addition to our marketing activity will guarantee that we continue to influence and achieve our longer term objectives” commented Sean Cragg, National Operations Director of Caremark Ltd.

Caremark Limited currently heads up a growing national network of 64 Franchise Offices throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland and have consistently met the stringent requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

Franchise owners are able to take their lead from the company owned branch in Pulborough and aim to replicate this standard within their own businesses. The 3 star - Excellent Quality Rating awarded to Pulborough is testimony to the skill and dedication of all the staff at Caremark, both in the field and within office operations.