Quick Success with Children's Party Franchise


Melanie Lower was looking on the internet for party ideas for her son when she came across Emporium Parties.

Not only did she find the perfect party solution, she also noticed that they were offering a children's party franchise in her area, in Haywards Heath, Sussex. Melanie was not actively looking for a new career at the time but the business model appealed to her, especially as she had previous experience and qualifications in many different types of dance.

Melanie met with business founder Karen Friend, and franchise specialist, Tony and bought the franchise in October 2009. Training took place in November and December and Melanie was ready to launch by January 2010.

Emporium Parties built and uploaded her website so she was ready to take bookings from January, which is when Melanie started her franchise, with a view to build up her business slowly.

Melanie says, “I expected to spend a lot of money on local advertising and have to work hard to get the parties booked in, but how wrong I was.” Melanie has not spent a penny on advertising so far, and she is turning bookings away as she is already fully booked for many dates this year and next.

So where are the bookings coming from, and how is Melanie doing so well for a new business? Melanie explains, “It is all down to the support from my franchisor and their head office.” The telesales staff take all Melanie’s bookings and run her diary for her.

Each franchisee has a dedicated website which is designed, built, updated and maintained by head office and this is where a large proportion of the new business originates, with the remainder coming via parents and children who have attended Emporium Parties.

“I have been able to recruit more staff and now have an additional team attending parties at weekends, which I was not expecting to be able to do until next year,” says Melanie.

The mother-of-four works mainly at weekends, she runs parties, dances, wears fun costumes and gets “just be downright crazy!” Melanie adds, “I spend my weekdays being a mum and wife and I am earning a fantastic wage while running a part-time business.”

“To date I have 243 parties booked in this year so far, yet when I took on my franchise I was hoping that I would be able to do 10 a month or 120 parties in my first year; so to have doubled this is truly amazing,” she says.

“I would highly recommend an Emporium Parties franchise to anyone who is looking for a full time income from a part time business,” advises Melanie. “If you are looking for a fun business and you enjoy working with children, this could be the business for you.”