Rest-Free Vacation for Printing Franchise VP


Doug Harlan, a regional vice president for printing franchise Minuteman Press in Pennsylvania recently headed to the Dominican Republic for a different type of vacation.

No relaxing by the pool for him!

Harlan travelled with plumbers tape, putty, wrenches, hammers and other such items and spent his week off installing toilets and a new kitchen.

The recipients were the residents of La Guerra - a mission dedicated to educating the children of Haitian refugees who work on the sugarcane plantations.

“The kitchen and the bathroom are what I worked on,” said Doug Harlan.

“I plumbed both of them and built the kitchen counter.

"No more outdoor open-air lavatories for these children, the kids are what made it all worth the trip.”

This was an extremely rewarding experience for Doug, knowing that he was able to help the people of La Guerra, even if he was only lending a hand in providing them with a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Doug has spent the last 13 years building up the Minuteman Press presence in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region.

His staff know him as a person who always goes above and beyond hsi call of duty.

This latest act of kindness highlights his extraordinary personality and the fact that he is invaluable to the Minuteman Press printing franchise.