Snack in the Box launches Business Performance Tracker Tool


Snack in the Box, the UK’s number 1 vending franchise, has launched a new online facility for its franchisees to enable them to reap the rewards of their franchise investment.

The business tracking system enables franchisees to not only analyse individual customer sales performance but assess and compare how their territory is doing compared to the rest of the Snack in the Box franchise network.

The new system enables franchisees to really gain an insight into how their business is performing customer by customer, see where improvements can be made and highlight poor performing customers.
Helen Taylor, Marketing Manager at Snack in the Box, comments, "We are keen to offer as much business support as possible to our franchisees to enable them to run a business that doesn’t just tick along but can really perform outstandingly.

"This business tracking tool, together with benefits such as our partnership with Mars and siting 75% of a franchise customer territory on Day One, means that we can offer potential franchisees a great business. And, after all, who doesn’t love chocolate!"