Success right off the grill with Restaurant Franchise


Bucking Bull, Australia’s Favourite Roast & Grill, is very popular because of its traditional offer of delicious roast meats, sandwiches, subs, spuds, grill-fresh burgers, snacks and myriad of home-style me als.

Franchisees Elizabeth and Arthur Gillam had a long list of requirements when they started looking for their own perfect business. The franchise had to be recession-proof, appealing to a wide market, and the Gillams wanted good value for money.

It soon turned out that Bucking Bull ticked all the boxes for them.  “Once we started the research on the Bucking Bull franchise we found that a lot of work had been done to roll the franchise out to a lot more centres and their forward planning seemed exceptional”.

The most appealing feature of Bucking Bull is that it is at the right stage of the business cycle – the growth stage. There are still plenty of excellent locations available, unlike the rather limited number of opportunities available within some of the bigger groups. But it’s not a new and small franchise group either. It has been around since 1999 and now has 30 stores in 3 states.

With its high brand awareness, experienced management staff, a demonstrated track record, proven systems and a well established preferential supply chain, Bucking Bull is a solid investment for those looking to buy a food franchise.