Surprising secrets of franchise success


From The most comprehensive survey of Australian franchisees ever undertaken has uncovered exactly which franchisees are the most financially successful.

The survey of over 1,800 Australian franchisees was conducted by business psychologists at The Franchise Relationships Institute.

Each franchisee completed a 210-item questionnaire on their background, work patterns, attitudes and satisfaction

with the business. Performance data was also collected independently, enabling the researchers to identify the factors driving performance and satisfaction.

The study aimed to discover why some franchisees within the same franchise system perform better than others, and to measure the current state of franchisee satisfaction in Australia and it came up with some pretty interesting results.

The study found that the franchisees that were the most profitable were generally of the same sex, had the same level of education and had similar attitudes.

According to Greg Nathan, founder of the Franchise Relationships Institute, ticking off all the right attributes can make a significant difference to the franchise bottom line.

The institute is running briefing sessions for franchisors in Brisbane on June 19, Sydney on June 21 and Melbourne on June 26. In the meantime, we’ve had an early look at the Franchise Excellence Research Report and have the low down on exactly which franchisees make the most money.

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