Training Franchise Approved For Government Funding


Sinclair Training sales coach, Jon Parvin, has secured government funding towards sales training for his new clients via the Train to Gain scheme.

Qualifying companies are able to access this government funding locally towards the cost of sales training, as Sinclair Training is now recognised by Business Link in the Dorset, Devon and Cornwall areas.

This is a major achievement for Jon, won within weeks of launching his new training franchise in South West England. It now enables qualifying clients to access significant funding towards future sales training through the Train to Gain scheme – which operates throughout the UK.

Jon gained this recognition and the ability to access to this funding support on behalf of his new clients, as a result of being part of a national franchise.

Sinclair Training’s systems are so practical and effective that they’re self-financing, often within a few weeks or months of implementation. However, with help at hand towards the initial investment, the decision to go ahead is made easier.

Within 24 hours of Sinclair Training being recognised by Business Link – Jon received an enquiry from a business in his area looking for advice and training in sales. This has now resulted in new sales training and sales coaching business being won for Jon.

He comments: “This is a tremendous advantage to me, as I am now able to significantly reduce the investment required for sales training and sales coaching.”

Jon is also now able to market his business with the support of the Train to Gain funding and Business Link recognition.

Steve Cowie, Sinclair Training’s CEO says: “This confirms our research, that there is a huge and as yet untapped market in the UK for effective sales training and sales coaching. It will revolutionise the performance of individuals, businesses and companies. Most businesses need it, many want it, but nearly all don’t know where to find it!”

Di Slater, Sinclair Training sales coach, adds: “We were bowled over with the training – it’s so practical and powerful. We are going out with such confidence that this sales coaching will make a measurable and significant difference to the results of our clients.”