Travel Franchise Wins Support for Rebranding


The rebranding of a Freedom Travel Group has been backed strongly by its membership.

The travel franchise had canvassed the opinions of its network of franchisees and suppliers over the rebranding.

In a comprehensive survey of members’ thoughts on the proposed changes, 84% agreed that the new brand would stand out strongly against the competition, 76% thought it was modern, and 86% saw it as a considerable improvement on the previous branding.

Jane Atkins, company CEO, said:

“In deciding that we were going to rebrand, we went back to basics in an attempt to really identify what the brand stands for.

“In discussion with our members and our support functions, we found that our core values are security, value, professionalism, and human and community spirit.

“While we realise it’s difficult to embody such broad and bold values in a logo, we think we have achieved it with a fresh, modern approach.”

Atkins was delighted with the response:

“With a diverse membership of intelligent, marketing-savvy businesses, it was always going to be difficult to gain widespread approval, so to achieve this level of support is quite an achievement.

“The focus for our advertising moving forward is on how membership facilitates the freedom to concentrate on running the business while we take care of everything else, such as bonding, banking paperwork, etc.”

Despite difficult trading circumstances, Atkins also revealed that Freedom is coping well.

“Our members continue to perform well despite market conditions, and this is down to the quality of the offering and the individual.

“Whether they have specialised and found a profitable niche, or whether they have found efficient and effective ways of reaching the mass market, Freedom members continue to succeed.”