Trophy Pet Foods for entrepreneurial animal lovers


There are currently 8 million dogs and 8 million cats in the UK.

Sales of prepared pet food are growing in the UK in line with the pet population - as customers gain knowledge of dietary variety.

And pets don’t just mean cats and dogs. There are also a million rabbits, a million guinea pigs, and more than 20 million indoor fish as well as many more unusual animals kept at home.  

The pet food franchises are a great case study of a successful model in a growing market.

For example, stats website PetSci found ahalf a billion increase in pet food sales between 2001 – 2009, with sales for premium dog and cat food growing nearly 10 percent (9.2%) in 2006 alone.


The UK pet industry is rumoured to have began around 1900, when a travelling salesman saw quayside dogs eating discarded ship's biscuits. Thus a new product was born.

In 1930s England, the Chappel Brothers began to produce canned dog food from meat and cereal.

Nowadays, animal nutrition and food technology has diversified the prepared pet food industry.

And at least once a week around 90% of all UK pet owners feed their pets’ prepared pet food.  

The market is currently valued in the Billions of pounds, with sales still increasing – prepared food is easy to use and offers the nutrients required for good pet health. Plus pets love the stuff!

Trophy Pet Foods

To meet demand for pet food products on the go, the first mobile pet franchise Trophy Pet Foods was established in 1990. As UK market leader and with a team of franchisees, Trophy Pet Foods are made to very high standards.

Pet food companies have also had to diversify. Trophy Pet Foods now offers branded treats and accessories selling to owners, traders and outlets.

Franchisees offer nutritional advice, free home delivery, micro chipping as well as a comprehensive food range from their branded vehicles - or mobile pet shops.

Recent innovations mean that customers can receive seasonal newsletters and access to the Trophy web site with individual franchisee pages.

Trophy Pet Foods continues to expand so potential pet food entrepreneurs should have the following skills:

  •      Love working with pets
  •      Ability to run their own business
  •      Enjoy meeting new people and discussing their pets’ needs

Facts and Figures

Becoming a pet food franchisee means entering a money-making business. In 2007 the world’s pet-food market amounted to $45.12 billion for cat and dog food alone.

The top (non-mobile) UK brands (2012 PetSci figures) are:

                                    1.            Whiskas = £87.5m sales

                                    2.            Pedigree = £82.1m sales

                                    3.            Nestlé’s Felix = £82.0m sales

There has also been a surge in demand for dry dog and cat food as illustrated below:


Pet Foods is continuing its success utilising its niche personal service with premium high-quality products.

And interestingly, in these cash-strapped times there are more “premium product” ranges today than ever before. 

Despite the recession, the pet food market grew by 4% to £1.8 billion in 2009 and is still growing today.

We love our pets and we love to spend money on feeding them.