Work From Home With Internet Franchise


New City Local franchisee Kieran Sheil can now spend more time with his children by working from home.

Previously Kieran was working long hours as a retail manager for Tesco for the last six years. Seeking a change in direction he is now an internet franchise owner based in Waterford, Southern Ireland.

The City Local franchise has evolved over the last year, and the online business promotion is leagues ahead of many other companies in this industry.

With a range of income streams, franchisees can work from home and maximise their revenue with fewer customers, enabling them to promote businesses locally as well as on the internet.

FS Blog: What made you choose a City Local franchise?

Kieran Sheil: The reason I have joined the City Local community website is because of the ease of everything to do with the community portal. I love the local aspect where you can help businesses in your own area.

I like the whole concept and the fact that I can run this internet business from home. I am looking forward to launching my new local business directory.

FS Blog: What else attracted you to this franchise?

Kieran: One of the attractive parts of City Local is the ease when using the website, whereas if you go on Golden Pages in Ireland, I find it very confusing and it is hard for me to find what I actually want. 

Everything on City Local is self explanatory and it is very easy to navigate around.

FS Blog: How does it fit in with your lifestyle?

Kieran: We have two children and my wife Cath will be helping me with the business and looking after the back office from home.

Up to now she has been a housewife and full time mother, she is really looking forward to something that will stimulate her and get her more involved in the community.

FS Blog: How does it feel working from home?

Kieran: The main attraction why I bought this internet franchise has been the fact that I can work from home and dictate my own schedule, as my two kids need my time also. I am looking forward to spending more time with them.

FS Blog: Tell me about the training…

Kieran: My training so far has been straight forward, and I have found it very easy. The training City Local provides is excellent and I cannot wait to get back to Waterford and start promoting my service.